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  • The Technology Alliance

    A collaboration between 3 industry leading technology companies

    FACE-ALIVE is a start-up formed by an alliance between leading industrial minds and academics in the field of biometry, located in the French Tech district of the Alpes in Grenoble.

    The vision of FACE-ALIVE is to develop and maintain technology with the highest level of certification against Anti-Spoofing technology.

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    ME Group


    ME Group is the international market leader in automated instant-service equipment for official ID document, with more than 43,800 unattended vending units across 20 countries.


    In the center of Grenoble, over 100 engineers and designers share their strategic skills to design industry-leading machines. Research and Development is undertaken at ME-Group in Grenoble (France); but also in Shangai (Chine), Hanoï (Vietnam), Tokyo (Japon) and Lisboa (Portugal).

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    Id3 is a French SME that specialises in the development of identity and security solutions based on biometric recognition technology. Id3 benefits from its own research and development office developing biometric algorithms in the fields of facial recognition and fingerprints.


    The company's innovative approach has led to success in global markets, including its smart card-based biometric matching solution (MOC), which has sold over 100 million licenses.


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    Gipsa-lab is a joint research unit of the CNRS, Grenoble-INP and the University of Grenoble Alpes; and also holds a partnership with Inria and the Observatoire des Sciences de l'Univers de Grenoble.

    Gipsa-lab is a multidisciplinary laboratory that develops fundamental and applied research on signals and complex systems. It is internationally recognized for its research. Due to the nature of its research, Gipsa-lab maintains a constant link with the economic environment through a strong industrial partnership..

    The FACE-ALIVE technology

    Biometric authentication can be abused by imposters for identity theft. Face-Alive technology presented on this kiosk is our key innovation solution to this issue and can be easily integrated into your own solution.

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    In less than half a second, FACE-ALIVE’s detection system performs a 3D capture of the biometric data to confirm a living user.


    This robust system recognises all complex Deepfake videos which attempt to simulate a real person.


    This system offers a very low BPCER (i.e. low false rejection), to give a better experience to every single end user, even if not familiar with the digitalisation process.


    ICAO-compliant portrait capture is performed, guaranting the subject’s biometric data has not been changed or altered during the detection sequence


    How Face-Alive is used


    ME Group provides solutions to corporations and institutions seeking to improve and digitalize security ID to combat fraud and security threats.


    ME Group partners with governments for the direct and secure upload of photographs from photobooths to their servers for issuing official identity documents. The biometric technology in ME Group photobooths is secured by FACE-ALIVE.

    ‍More information on ME Group website.


    BioSeal is a global solution based on the new generation of interoperable and standard-compliant Visible Digital Seal (VDS) to certify and authenticate all types of products and documents.


    By integrating biometric identity information such as fingerprint and facial data, BioSeal provides the capability to implement multi-factor authentication in many use cases. Key data is stored in a personal code (QR code, 2D-doc) with full or partial encryption. The solution is 100% GDPR compliant (European General Data Protection Rules).


    Our BioSeal is secured by FACE-ALIVE. More information on id3 website.




    For more than 10 years, id3 R&D teams specializing in computer vision and artificial intelligence have been developing facial recognition algorithms improved by deep learning techniques. Our algorithms are regularly ranked in international tests that evaluate facial recognition algorithms like the NIST FRVT.


    Our Face-Recognition is secured by FACE-ALIVE. More information on id3 website.


    If you want to secure your authentication biometric environment like access control system or kiosk at border control (i.e., EES system), you can access to our FACE-ALIVE technology. Integration is simple and reliable with high BPCER performance. FACE-ALIVE can be available in OEM configuration, either embedded on your system or accessible in SAAS mode.


    More information by contacting us at contact@face-alive.com

  • With FACE-ALIVE, your biometric authentication becomes

    100% secured

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    Our own patented innovation, developed in 6 months and certified in 2 months.

    • How did we do it so fast? Our team of experts from multiple industries and academic partners specialize in biometry, standardization, face acquisition, AI and have decades of experience serving 20 million customers a year.
    • Our technology, FACE-ALIVE, is fast and reliable, works in all lighting environments, on all face varieties. FACE-ALIVE is certified by an independent laboratory and compliant with ISO standards and European regulation.
    • Our technology is disruptive. 3D facial scanning with any camera (including Webcam or OEM cameras). With our Anti-Spoofing technology we improve the services provided by our alliance members (ME Group photo booth, and id3 Biometry technology).
    • We've made integration easy without the need for additional AI learning. No large databases required. Our very low BPCER (Bona fide Presentation Classification Error Rate) ensures a high quality service rate. FACE-ALIVE is available in OEM and SaaS configurations.

    Behind Face-Alive

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    Christian Croll, ME Group


    Dr Christian Croll is a Physics and Image Processing graduate of the Institute National Polytechnique of Grenoble. For the last 20 years he has been a 3D project manager and image processing expert with ME Group where he developed the colour management system of the KIS digital Minilab. He holds several patents on automatic calibration of film recorders, photo booth lighting and Anti-Spoofing.


    He introduced 3D portrait acquisition in photo booths for the next generation of face recognition. For Face-Alive, he recently developed an innovative Antispoofing system based on 3D capture acquisition with simple 2D cameras and received an ISO 30107-3 certification for his work.

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    Lucas L’Huillier, id3


    Graduated from Montpellier Business School in 2014, he had his first professional experience as a key account sales representative for the computer manufacturer, Dell. He then joined the company, id3 Technologies, to develop the commercial activity of electronic services on the global market.


    Today, he is responsible for the product development of id3's innovations and for steerheading collaborative projects on artificial intelligence activities associated with biometric identification.

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    Alice Caplier, GIPSA-lab


    After graduating from an engineering school in 1991 and obtaining a PhD degree in 1995, Alice has since been recruited as a professor at Grenoble INP-Phelma whilst conducting research at GIPSA-Lab.


    She's been working on facial image analysis and interpretation for more than 20 years. Recently she has worked on analyzing the robustness of Deep Neural Networks. She continues to be involved in several national and regional research projects and industry collaborations, while maintaining her hobby of cycling.


    If you want to know more please get in touch with us.